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Going Green, Your Roof

Trends today are to keep introducing new materials that concentrate on being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Green rooftops and roof gardens take it to a whole new level.


Roofing material trends are always changing. Roofers in Minneapolis MN are always watching for future trends. Green materials being introduced into the marketplace today are the future. There are materials such as synthetic slate or shingles that concentrate on sustainability. Roof gardens and green roof tops take environmental options to the next level


Urban Heat Islands


Roofers in Minneapolis MN can help battle roofing 29210 the Urban Heat Island Effect with green rooftops and other more green roofing choices. What is an Urban Heat Island? An Urban Heat Island (UHI) is when a large city has a significantly higher temperature than the areas surrounding it,Guest Posting usually more notable at night. This difference occurs in the winter and summer. Not only is it warmer in large metros it appears as though there may actually be an effect on wind, tornadoes, pollution, and water life.


All of the dark surfaces in the metro are what work together to create this effect. Asphalt, dark roofs, and other surfaces all trap and retain heat, working with tall buildings that tend to block out wind and air flow.


Choosing a lighter color roof or a green roof can help stop the UHI effect.


Rooftop gardens


You can choose several different options when it comes to creating a green roof. Some roof gardens do not require you to actually install a whole new roof. Container roof gardens can be added to your current roof. Plantings in you large containers provide shade and help clean the air. In order to have this type of garden you will need access for care and to check with your roofers in Minneapolis MN to make certain you roof can hold the extra weight.